Truth or dare questions


Truth or Dare Questions
Have you heard about the friendship truth or dare questions mostly played at friends parties? Learn all about this game and explore more options on the questions to ask or dares to your friends.


In this article, you are going to learn about the rules of the game when playing with friends as well as questions that you could ask. The game is ideal for anyone regardless of their age as even an older adult can play it. It allows friends to ask and also answer personal and ridiculous questions.


Truth or dare questions also give friends an excuse to challenge their friends to perform hilarious, embarrassing, ridiculous and outrageous things. In fact, this game is the most popular party game apart from spin the bottle. You can engage this game at any party with almost everyone. It can turn out to be fantastic fun and hilarious if played the right way.


You can challenge your crush, your girlfriend or friends at a club as it is straight forward to play.

Game Rules
The game is pretty simple. Every participant has their turn to ask another person to select either a truth or a dare question. If the other participant chooses to go with truth questions, then they should tell the absolute truth about what they will be asked. If they do not go for the truth option, they have to do something they will be dared to do by asking participants.


After they have completed their part of the game, they are then up to ask another participant a dare or truth. The rules can be tweaked a bit, but the concept still stands. The dare questions to ask shouldn't be that extreme; however, as the ultimate goal is to have fun with friends. The joy in this game comes in where you discover some of your friend's insecurities and worst fears as well as their courageous side in performing some of the crazy dares.


The crazy part of this game is when one participant remains silent and secretive; you can have them perform a ridiculous dare. The game can also be played by people in a relationship where a girl can have some dare questions for boyfriend. Truth or dare's main aim is not just fun, but it allows friends to know each other at greater depths.

Unrivaled Truth Questions
Here are among the pre-eminent truth questions you can ask at a party or when playing this game anywhere.


  • If you were to date anyone in this room, who would that be?
  • Have you ever shoplifted or stolen anything?
  • What the craziest sexual fantasy you would wish to engage in?
  • Have you ever gone for a one night stand?
  • Is there any time you have been caught in public doing something embarrassing?
  • What is the grossest thing you have ever done?
  • Have you been to jail before?
  • Have you ever crushed on someone that did not like you before?
  • Biggest turn on?
  • Have you ever used drugs?


Ultimate Dare Questions:


These are the supreme dare questions to ask:


  • Call up the last person on your call logs and talk in a different funny accent.
  • Slap yourself as hard as you can.
  • Dance your best moves with no music on.
  • Run to an apartment and knock on seven doors.
  • Enter the pool fully clothed.
  • Make silly, stupid faces for three minutes.
  • Pretend and behave to be an animal for two minutes.

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