Things to do at least once in your life

Life is short, and you need to take advantage of it. So do not hesitate and go ahead and give yourself the means to achieve your wildest goals, dreams, and desires. Having crazy and atypical experiences can help you and cause you a certain motivation and the courage to face your fears. Here are few things to do in your life, you can, of course, customize them; these are just a source of inspiration.





1 – Skydiving:


Skydiving is a real experience that will allow you to go beyond your fear of emptiness, the unknown, and letting go. You can finally let go and only keep in mind if you have been able to parachute, not much can stop you in the future. It is a real source of future motivation since when you do not feel capable of doing anything; you will remember that you jumped into the void tens of meters from the ground and that you came out alive, so it's not a small passing test that will prevent you from advancing. And must say it: you have the right to a sacred landscape.


2-Scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland:


The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is the largest coral reef in the world. By diving into it, you become aware of the greatness of nature, and at the same time as the smallness of the human being. It can help you a lot to gain modesty and become aware of the reality of things: we are nothing compared to the magnitude of the natural world. Besides, the beauty of the reef will perhaps make you greener, since you will no longer want all of this to disappear or dirty with our waste and our behavior.


3-Bathing in thermal water:


Beyond bathing in thermal water, you can even make a cure: it is an excellent remedy for skin problems, stress, and other respiratory problems. You don't have to go to the other side of the world to find it, there are some in France. Bathing in thermal water is almost magical because no matter what the weather is outside, the water remains very hot and beneficial for the body. There are hot springs on all continents, but also at the bottom of the oceans.




4-Go cage diving to see white sharks:


Who is not afraid of these big beasts with multiple sharp and cutting teeth? So imagine that you could have her in front of you without her being able to touch or even attack you, wouldn't that be one of the best experiences of your life when it comes to going beyond your fears.




 5-Participate in the Rio Carnival:


Music, dance, joy, colors, and all that in a Brazilian setting could not be more resplendent and glittery! The Rio Carnival is a sublime experience that will allow you to gain positivity and cheerfulness. You will only come back more nourished and ready to take control of your life, all in the best of atmospheres! It is a real source of energy and positive wave, where letting go takes precedence overtaking the lead.


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