Can we develop a sense of humor?



A real asset in social life, a sense of humor can facilitate exchanges with others, help you to be seduced, improve your health thanks to the powers of laughter, and even get you out of delicate situations. But what is factually called the "sense of humor"? Are we born with it or can we develop it over time? Are there different types of humor?




1-Humor, a trait of spirit and personality:




By definition, "sense of humor" is "a form of spirit that emphasizes the comic, ridiculous, absurd or unusual nature of certain aspects of reality. it is entirely possible to develop a character trait, whatever it is. But it seems -that these same character traits are already in us. These defining traits are present in some and not in others. They are part of us and if we wanted to hunt them, they would come back at a gallop.




2-How do you get funny?




 As a result, it will be very difficult for someone who does not have this characteristic of becoming funny. You have to accept what you are and not try to become another. A person who does not really have a sense of humor can thus be very good public, but will not have this need to make others laugh or the capacity for that matter, because they have developed other qualities, that a “clown” will not have, conversely.




Conversely, people who have an innate sense of humor, it is obviously possible to develop this quality. It’s also the work of humorists, who work precisely on the development of their humor, their sketches. And like any witticism, the more we make people laugh, the more we want to do it, and the better we will be. One of the aspects to highlight also on the development of a sense of humor is the reaction, the interaction that will occur with the public concerned.


The audience could be a packed room that paid for their place to attend a show, like his three office colleagues, his family during a Sunday lunch.




More than developing humor, the idea is to develop self-confidence. If we are confident enough, we will have the capacity to take this place as a comedian of the group quite naturally without being afraid of making a flop or feeling uncomfortable, and the approval of others in our sense of humor will help develop it, Before concluding, whether we are laughter professional or simply a lover of good jokes, we can never be sure of the result and it happens even for the biggest comedians to find themselves facing a joke that does not work.


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