A Good Salesman

A salesman finds that the land he sold has become flooded. He asks his boss: “Should the company refund the client?”
His boss shouts: “Refund? Are you crazy? You go there and sell him boats as soon as possible!”

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Hilarious Jokes for Every Occasion: A Must-Read List

Hilarious jokes are the kind that surprise you with a twist or clever idea, making you laugh hard. They come from playing with words, unexpected answers, or funny thoughts about everyday things. These jokes work because they mix up normal ideas in a fun way, like a common saying turned into a joke or a funny answer to a simple question. The humor often comes from seeing things in a new, silly way. Hilarious jokes make everyone laugh, no matter their age, because they find the fun in life’s little moments.

Here are hilarious jokes that some people find amusing:

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