Staff meeting

Moses and his flock arrive at the sea, with the Egyptians in hot pursuit.

Moses calls a staff meeting.

“Well, how are we going to get across the sea?” asked Moses. “We need a fast solution. The Egyptians are close behind us.”

“Normally, I’d recommend that we build a pontoon bridge to carry us across,” said the General Of The Armies, “but there’s not enough time – the Egyptians are too close.”

“Normally, I’d recommend that we build barges to carry us across,” said the Admiral Of The Navy, “but time is too short.”

“Does anyone have a solution?” asked Moses.

Just then, his Public Relations man raised his hand.

“You!” said Moses, “You have a solution?”

“No,” said the PR man, “but I can promise you this: If you can find a way out of this one, I can get you two or three full pages in the Old Testament…”

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