Flakey Blonde

A blonde named Bubbles was working on a jigsaw puzzle.
She was having a lot of trouble and becoming quite exasperated. 😟
She called to her husband, Dan, to help her.
“It’s supposed to be a tiger!” Bubbles exclaimed. 🐅
Dan looked at his wife and the puzzle and said,
“Honey, put the Frosted Flakes back in the box!” 🤦‍♂️

Shopping Strategy The blonde and the iron board

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Blonde jokes typically play on stereotypes about blondes being less intelligent or thoughtful, though it’s important to recognize these jokes can perpetuate unfair and untrue stereotypes. The humor in these jokes is often based on the blonde character misunderstanding simple concepts, making obvious mistakes, or taking things too literally. For example, a blonde might be joked about for trying to use a smartphone as a literal “smart” device that can do tasks without any input. It’s crucial, however, to approach humor with sensitivity and awareness, acknowledging that while jokes can be in good fun, they should not reinforce negative stereotypes or make anyone feel diminished. In a diverse and inclusive society, humor can be found in countless aspects of life without relying on outdated stereotypes.

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