Programmer’s Wedding

Why don’t programmers like planning weddings?
Because they can’t stand infinite loops!

Artificial Chuckles

Q: Why did the AI go to therapy?
A: It had too many “neural issues”!

Binary Birthdays

“Why do programmers always get confused between their age and 128?”
“Because that’s a bit of a difference!”

Array of Food

A programmer went to a grocery store.
The clerk asked, “Why are you buying 1000 items?”
The programmer replied, “I’m just trying to initialize my array.”

Bug’s Life

A programmer was spotted at a movie theater.
His friend asked, “Watching ‘A Bug’s Life’?”
The programmer sighed, “No, just trying to find inspiration for debugging.”

Looped Lunch

Two programmers went to a restaurant.
The waiter asked, “What will you have?”
One said, “I’ll have the infinite loop pasta!”
The waiter responded, “It’s endless, just like your code!”

The Root of All Problems

“Why do programmers always mix up Christmas and Halloween?”
Another responded, “Because Oct 31 = Dec 25.”

Java Journey

A programmer took a cup of coffee to his workspace.
His colleague asked, “Working on Java?”
The programmer replied, “How did you guess?”

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