Moo-Ving Day

Why did the cow move to New York City?
It wanted to see the moosicals on Broadway!

Cow Hide and Seek

Why don’t cows play hide and seek?
Because they always have a beef with the person counting!

Bovine Diet

Why did the cow start eating healthier?
It wanted to be outstanding in its field!

Unimpressed Bovine

Why did the cow go to outer space?
It wanted to see if the moon was really made of cheese!

Cow’s Favorite Subject

What is a cow’s favorite subject in school?

Milk Production

Why don’t cows have money?
Because farmers milk them dry!

Corny Comedy Cow Hide and Seek

Top Cow Jokes That Are Guaranteed to Make You Smile

Cow jokes are simple and funny lines or stories about cows. They often make fun of cows’ habits, the way they look, or words that sound like “moo.” For example, a joke might ask, “What do you call a cow with no legs?” The answer is, “Ground beef.” Another joke could be, “What do you call a sleeping cow?” with the punchline being, “A bulldozer.” These jokes are meant to be funny in a very straightforward way, using ideas about cows and playing with words related to them. They’re good for making people laugh with easy-to-get humor.

Here are some of the best jokes about cows:

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