Artistic Acquaintance

What did the painting say to the sculpture in the museum?
“I think I’ve seen you somewhere before!”

Ghostly Gallery

What’s a ghost’s favorite room in a museum?
The scare-itage site!

Mummy Meetup Fear

Why don’t mummies visit museums?
They’re afraid they’ll run into old friends!

Mummy’s Museum

Why was the mummy a great museum guide?
He knew the place inside and out!

Dino’s Day Out

Why did the dinosaur go to the art museum?
He wanted to see the “rexhibits”!

Noisy Exhibits

Why was the museum so noisy?
All the art works were making a scene!

Fossil Fumble

What did the museum curator say when he dropped a fossil?
“I’ve made a grave mistake!”

Framed Artwork

Why did the painting go to jail?
Because it was framed!

Cat Curator

What do you call a cat who lives in a museum?
A curator, because it’s always curating a collection of mice!

Pop Art Perils

Why don’t museums allow balloon animals?
Because they’re worried about pop art!

Director’s Delight Ghostly Gallery
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