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Q: What’s a skeleton’s favorite classic book?
A: “The Bone Collector.”

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Are You Bored Out of Your Story? Liven It Up with These Hilarious Jokes!

Story jokes unfold a short narrative leading to a humorous or unexpected punchline, offering a longer setup than traditional one-liners. For example, “A man walks into a library and asks the librarian for books on paranoia. She whispers, ‘They’re right behind you!'” This joke creates a mini-story that plays on the concept of paranoia, with the punchline delivered in a context that’s both ironic and humorous, given the nature of the request. Story jokes like this are engaging because they build a scene or scenario that listeners can visualize, leading them to a laugh with a twist that flips the narrative in a surprising way. They’re great for social gatherings or as a way to lighten the mood, offering a narrative journey that culminates in a shared chuckle.

Here are some Story jokes that some people find funny:

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