Violin Jokes

Why don’t violins get invited to summer parties?
Because they always bring their own strings attached!

What’s a violin’s favorite type of story?
A fiddle-faddle tale!

Why did the violin go to therapy?
It had too many bowed emotions!

What’s the difference between a violin and a fiddle?
The amount of beer that gets spilled on them!

How do you keep your violin from being stolen?
Put it in a viola case!

What do you call a violin that never listens to its teacher?
A viola-tor of rules!

Why was the violin a great musician?
Because it always knew the score!

Why couldn’t the string quartet find their composer?
Because he was Haydn!

Why was the violin always picked last in gym class?
It could never catch a tune!

What’s a violin’s favorite type of joke?
A bow-lly good one!

Why did the violin go to jail?
Because it was caught playing high notes on the roof!

Why don’t violins like to go to school?
Because they prefer to be home-schooled!

Why was the violin good at math?
Because it always counted its rests!

What do you call a violin with a bad attitude?
A fiddle fit!

Why was the violin always late?
It was too busy fiddling around!

Why did the violin get in trouble at school?
It couldn’t keep its notes straight!

Why did the violin go to the bar?
To have a few bow shots!

What’s a violin’s favorite part of a song?
The “string” section!

Why was the violin a great diplomat?
Because it could always find a way to strike a chord!

Why did the violin go on a diet?
It was tired of its “waist” line!

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