Monday Jokes

Moooove Over, Monday Blues! Hilarious Jokes to Make You Laugh on the First Day Back!

Monday jokes are funny lines or stories about the start of the workweek and how tough it can be to get going after the weekend. For example, a joke might ask, “What’s the worst thing about catching a cold on a Monday?” The answer is, “It means you can’t call in sick for work!” Another joke could be, “Why did Monday apply for a job?” with the punchline being, “Because it wanted to be the week’s boss.” These jokes are meant to be light-hearted and make people laugh about the common feeling of not wanting Monday to come, offering a fun way to start the week with a smile.

Here are some Monday jokes that some people find funny:

Why don’t aliens visit us on Mondays?

Because on their planet, one hour lasts an entire Earth day, and their “Monday” is like an entire Earth month! 🌌
Imagine them checking their intergalactic calendars: “Nope, can’t invade Earth today, it’s still Monday back home. Let’s wait until it’s over… in a few Earth weeks.” 🛸

Monday Morning Mirth

Q: Why did the coffee file a report on Monday morning?
A: Because it was mugged over the weekend! ☕️🚔😄

Monday Sunglasses

Why did Monday bring sunglasses to work?
It wanted to have a bright start!

Morning Mail

Monday received a letter from the weekend.
It read, “See you in six days!”
Monday responded, “The countdown begins!”

Hilarious Shorts

Calendar’s Complaint

The calendar was asked about its least favorite day.
It said, “I can’t decide between Monday and February 29th!”
The planner replied, “At least Monday comes around more often!”

Monday Blues

“Why was Monday feeling blue?”
Tuesday replied, “Because it has too many weak days ahead!”
Wednesday added, “And it’s always a week start!”

Weekend’s Goodbye

Monday bumped into Sunday at the calendar party.
Sunday said, “Long time no see!”
Monday sighed, “It’s always just a week for us.”

Alarm’s Lament

“Why did the alarm clock feel guilty on Monday?”
It said, “I just hate being the bearer of bad news!”
The snooze button added, “I’m the only one they like on Mondays.”

Monday’s Mug

A cup of coffee was asked about its favorite day.
It replied, “Definitely Monday!”
The tea cup responded, “You always have such a strong presence then!”

The Coffee Predicament

Monday walks into a coffee shop and asks for a large cup of coffee. The barista asks, “Why such a large cup, Monday?” Monday replies, “Because it’s a ‘grind’ to start the week!”

Monday and the Alarm Clock Showdown

Why did Monday break the alarm clock? It was tired of being woken up early! But when Tuesday rolled around, it realized it had to find a new way to rise and shine.

The Case of the Missing Weekend

Why did Monday call the police? Because it was robbed of its weekend! When Tuesday came around, it was found hiding in the week, pretending to be innocent.

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