Internet Explorer Jokes

Why don’t we tell secrets in Internet Explorer?
Because it takes too long for them to get out!

Why did the computer break up with Internet Explorer?
It couldn’t handle a long-distance relationship.

Why was Internet Explorer always picked last in gym class?
It could never catch up!

How does Internet Explorer say “hello”?
“Welcome to the 90s!”

Why did Internet Explorer bring a map to the computer?
It heard there was a shortcut, but couldn’t find it.

Why does Internet Explorer go to therapy?
To deal with its loading issues.

Why does Internet Explorer always lose at poker?
It’s got a terrible poker “cache.”

What’s Internet Explorer’s favorite time of year?
Buffering… Loading answer…

How does Internet Explorer apologize?
It asks you to “accept cookies.”

Why can’t Internet Explorer play hide and seek?
Because it always takes too long to find anything!

What do you call an elderly Internet Explorer?
An Internet Explorosaurus.

What’s Internet Explorer’s favorite exercise?
It likes to jog, but it’s always a few laps behind.

Why is Internet Explorer always at the end of the line?
It’s never in sync.

Why doesn’t Internet Explorer have any friends at the party?
It always arrives late.

How does Internet Explorer propose to its partner?
“Will you accept this cookie?”

Why did Internet Explorer get a ticket?
It couldn’t keep up with the traffic.

What’s Internet Explorer’s favorite film?
The Slow and the Spurious.

Why does Internet Explorer make a terrible detective?
It takes forever to get a clue.

Why did Internet Explorer get kicked out of the race?
It was always buffering behind.

What does Internet Explorer and a traffic jam have in common?
They both make you wait and make you late!

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