Password Jokes

Why do computer hackers like to golf?
Because they’re great at driving and putting but really shine on the back nine when cracking the password!

How does a computer know if it has a good password?
It looks to see if it’s got character.

What’s a computer’s least favorite food?
A sloppy password.

What’s a hacker’s favorite type of password?

Why did the hacker go broke?
Because he gave up all his cache for an easy password!

What does a polite password say?
Pardon me, but can you type me again?

What’s a ghost’s favorite type of password?
One that’s got a lot of spirit!

Why did the password get in trouble in school?
It couldn’t behave and kept breaking the rules!

What’s a cat’s favorite password?

Why was the password bad at the game hide and seek?
Because it was always getting cracked!

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