WordPress Jokes

Why did the blogger break up with Joomla and move to WordPress?
Because he found a better connection with WordPress, it’s more user-friendly!

Why was the WordPress website acting crazy?
Because it couldn’t decide on which theme to wear!

Why do WordPress users have an edge in debates?
Because they always have a “plug-in” for their argument!

Why did WordPress go to the party?
Because it heard there was going to be a “hosting”!

Why did the developer go broke?
Because he spent all his money on premium WordPress themes!

Why was the WordPress website good at baseball?
Because it always hit the right “tags”!

What do WordPress and a good restaurant have in common?
They both need to serve “cookies”!

Why was WordPress worried about its diet?
Because it had too many “cookies”!

Why did the WordPress site get an award?
Because it was outstanding in its “field” (custom field, that is)!

Why did the developer date WordPress?
Because it had all the right “features”!

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