Deez Nut

Q: What are squirrels giving each other for Valentine’s Day?
A: Deez Nuts!

Q: What kind of nuts always seems to have a cold?
A: Sneez Nuts!

Q: Do you have that book about tiny creatures in your garden?
A: Which one?
A: “Deez Bugs.”

Q: What do you call nuts on a chest?
A: Chestnuts.
Q: What about nuts on a wall?
A: Walnuts.
Q: And nuts on your chin?
A: Deez Nuts!

Q: Do you know what my grandpa said before he kicked the bucket?
A: Wonder how far I can kick Deez Nuts!

Q: Have you seen my squirrel toy?
A: No, what does it do?
A: Grabs Deez Nuts!

Q: What’s in the new trail mix?
A: Raisins, chocolate, and Deez Nuts!

Q: Do you know the leading cause of dry skin?
A: Towelz and Deez Nuts!

Q: What’s the title of the new documentary on nuts?
A: Deez Nuts: A True Story.

Q: What did the almond say to the peanut?
A: Deez Nuts!

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