Fashion Jokes

Why don’t shirts ever get lost?
Because they always follow the top route!

Why was the belt arrested?
Because it was holding up a pair of pants!

Why did the sweater go to summer school?
Because it had too many “loops” to cover!

What’s a dress’s favorite part of a joke?
The “hem”-ing and hawing!

Why don’t shoes ever believe anything?
Because they always suspect “tongue”-in-cheek humor!

Why did the hat go to college?
Because it wanted to get a “cap”-tivating education!

Why did the necktie make a great detective?
Because it always goes straight to the neck of the matter!

Why did the scarf end its relationship with the hat?
Because it felt “smothered”!

Why was the shoe a great musician?
Because it had perfect “tongue”-ing!

Why do clothes always stick together?
Because they have great “seams”!

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