Titan Jokes

Why don’t Titans ever hide? Because sooner or later, every knee shall bow!

Why did the Titan fail his driving test? He couldn’t handle the Saturn!

Why are Titans terrible storytellers? They always have gigantic plot holes!

Why did the Titan start a bakery? He wanted to make everything larger than loaf!

Why did the Titan never lose at poker? He always had a giant up his sleeve!

Why was the math book afraid of the Titan? Because it had too many problems for a Titan to handle!

What do you call a Titan who tells tall tales? A myth-understood!

Why did the Titan get kicked out of the library? He couldn’t keep his myth down!

Why did the Titan get bad grades in school? Because he took up too much space!

Why did the Titan join the baseball team? He was known for his giant swing!

Why don’t Titans use smartphones? They always hit the wrong keys!

Why was the Titan bad at hide and seek? He could never blend in!

Why did the Titan go to therapy? He had enormous problems!

Why don’t Titans play chess? They always knock over the board!

Why did the Titan get a job at the circus? He was naturally over the top!

Why don’t Titans use elevator? It’s hard to press the right buttons when you’re gigantic!

Why did the Titan refuse to play golf? He was always above par!

Why do Titans always carry a pen and paper? They love making large notes!

Why did the Titan take up painting? He wanted to create a massive impression!

Why was the Titan always the last to know the joke? The punchline took too long to reach up!

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