10 Shopping Jokes

Why did the shopping cart go to therapy? It had too much baggage!

Why was the computer cold at the store? It had too many windows open!

Why did the belt get arrested? It was holding up a pair of pants in the store!

I went to buy some camouflage pants, but I couldn’t find any.

Why did the scarecrow win an award at the supermarket? He was outstanding in his field of produce!

I told my wife she was spending too much time at the shoe store. Now I’m in sole trouble.

Why do shoppers love the music at department stores? It’s always in-store!

I went to the store to buy a new book on anti-gravity. I couldn’t put it down!

Did you hear about the corduroy pillow? It made headlines in the home goods section!

“I found a great deal on broken pencils today!” “Nevermind, it’s pointless.”

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